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About Slice of Life: Hospitality

Hospitality Suite

It has been a long tradition to offer a gathering place for those arriving to the conference or in the evening to visit and network.  The Presidential Suite on the top floor of the University Park Marriott Hotel provides a perfect place with a large outdoor terrace looking toward the mountains, down the valley and across to the Great Salt Lake where you can watch the sunset. Cheryl and Greg Thompson, Slicers since of trip to Russia, will host the suite which will feature libation and nibbles. 

Because we are such a diverse group of people and from different disciplines new attendees need not feel isolated or that they are alone with nothing to do.  Questions about the meeting, logistics, places to eat and shop can all be answered here. 

This is where you want to come to look at the old scrap books, see a videodisc, see 3D images with unintended glasses driven by a bar code reader accessing a video disc!  The newer generation can play an emergency room game on a Wii Nintendo set and see how students will learn in the future. Meet some new people and take off for dinner or return after dinner and just hangout and let your PDA's connect with ideas and messages.

The hours vary, but in general hospitality extends from about 5:30 - 10:30 p.m. with people coming and going.  Hours will be posted in the hotel lobby and on the door.  DO DROP BY beginning Monday evening through Friday evening.

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