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Slice of Life 2007 Breakout Sessions
Friday, June 29, 2007

12:45 -1:45p.m.

Breakout sessions are informal Question and Answer gatherings where the person proposing the session acts as moderator on a topic of interest or expertise. A few introductory remarks (maximum 10 minutes) can start the session and focus the group's attention. With rare exceptions, no equipment is wanted or needed for these. They are discussions that occur as the computer support people help the demonstrators and poster presenters set up their stations. Attendance is optional and you can drop-in on more than one session. You can bring your lunch with you.


Slicers can Brainstorm about interactive ways to Motivate and Educate the Public at a Science Center Joe Andrade, Director, Utah Science Center and Professor of Bioengineering, Univ.of Utah, Parvati Dev, Stanford University, Michael Ackerman, National Library of Medicien, and Mark Nielsen, University of Utah. HSEB 2949

Breakout  Sessions
Do Media Matter? Media Effects on Performance and Learning Revisited.  Craig Locatis, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD, USA HSEB 2948
Medical Educator's Portfolios: How to be Recognized and Promoted for Your Computer-Based Medical Education Scholarship Donna M D'Alessandro and Michael P D'Alessandro, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA HSEB 2929 CANCELLED
On the Web 2.0 and the Death of the Virtual Learning Environment . Rachael Ellaway, University of Edinburgh, UK (see morning program)  HSEB 2958

Using Simulation for Student Learning Assessment:  Dos and Don’t’s.  Geoff Norman, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada HSEB 2908

Predicting Future Trends in Medicine and Education: W hat we can learn from the Japanese and Robotics?  Francis Rabuck, President, Rabuck Associates, Philadelphia, PA, USA  HSEB 2931

Virtual Microscope Slides: Shared Experiences with Virtual Microscopy  Robert Ogilvie, Michael Karr, Robert Klein, Paul Zobitz and Andrew Norgan HSEB 2938
4:30 PM Information about HEAL (HEALTH EDUCATION ASSEST LIBRARY) and solicitation of materials to be submitted for review.  Sharon Dennis and Sebastian Uijtdehaage.  HSEB 4100 B
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