Computer Based Training Server: a Free, Reliable, and Scalable Platform for Web-Based Courses Marc M. Batschkus, PD Dr. med. Dipl. Inf. Martin Dugas, Andreas Brandmaier, Thomas Heilmann, Markus Jehle, Nico Kaiser, Nico Engelhardt, and Dr. med. vet.  Karin Schmidt,  Multimedia-Lerncenter-Medizin, IBE, University of Munich, Munich, Germany




CBT-Server (CBT = Computer-Based-Training) is a system to generate, maintain and evaluate CBT-cases for any purpose.  It is a web-based authoring system that provides features as case edit, evaluation, and display of results and student administration.  Questions can be put as multiple choice or free text.  The built-in sophisticated feedback system processes analysis of regular expressions.  It has been in routine use for training of several hundred medical students at the University of Munich and at the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) since 1998.


The CBT-Server uses well established and freely available standard tools like PERL in combination with MySQL (or other SQL database) that can be used as is or customized according to the respective needs.  It is fully scalable and thus can provide all the power that is needed even for a big audience.


The CBT-Server package has been tested with the following operating systems: HP/UX 10, Suse Linux 6.0/6.2, FreeBSD 4.5 and Mac OS X 10.2 (additional configuration necessary).

The most recent version can be downloaded at:




Save time, energy and a lot of money by using the free CBT-Server package for your web-based courses.  See how you can easily put in your course material, perform student administration, evaluation and give feedback from your browser.  Several courses can be running simultaneously while the student tracking and evaluation is done for each module separately.  The typical workflow for a course instructor will be demonstrated. Marc M. Batschkus


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