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  The Contributors

With the release of the seventh edition of the SLICE OF LIFE, the producers marked the tenth anniversary for a project that started in 1986 as an experiment and evolved into a world-wide cooperative effort among institutions and individuals interested in innovative uses of educational technologies in medical school and health sciences education. SLICE OF LIFE VII contains more than 44,000 still images and 65 motion sequences related to human medicine, nursing, dentistry and allied health education. It represents contributions from 63 institutions, two professional societies, a pharmaceutical company, and 240 individuals throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Australia.

As a spin-off disc from the SLICE OF LIFE project, SLICE OF BRAIN, is a two-sided videodisc encyclopedia of 20,799 stills and 151 motion sequences assembled as a resource for neuroscience education. The creation of this disc is the result of a collaboration between departments and faculty at the University of Utah and the University of Washington. It is intended for the professional, biomedical, undergraduate and graduate neuroscience communities. The disc draws on a wealth of images contributed by 35 institutions and one professional society. There are a total of 119 individual contributors for SLICE OF BRAIN I.

The producers for the Slice of Life Project gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the hundreds of dedicated individuals, educators, departments and institutions who have participated in the creation and use of the SLICE OF LIFE and the SLICE OF BRAIN videodiscs. For your browsing pleasure, we offer the following list of participants and contributors. We have sorted the list in three ways:

Bullet CONTRIBUTORS: Sorted by Country/State/Institution
Bullet CONTRIBUTORS: Sorted by Individual Last Name
Bullet CONTRIBUTORS: Sorted by Author Codes
(from the Slice of Life Indexes)

The producers also wish to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals whose life works greatly enhanced both the quantity and quality of image collections found on the Slice of Life and Slice of Brain videodiscs. We have added individual web pages for each in order to give special recognition to their labors of love and the willingness of these individuals and their families to contribute their collections to our project.


TRIBUTE: David L. Bassett, M.D. & William Gruber
The David L. Bassett Atlas of Human Anatomy
Collection under proprietorship of Robert A. Chase, M.D., VideoSurgery of Stanford, CA


TRIBUTE: William Boyd, M.D. & John Adams, M.D.
The William Boyd Slide Collection of Diseased Human Organs
Collection under proprietorship of John Adams, M.D. and John Harling, Ph.D.