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Since the beginning of the project in 1986, Slice of Life has seen multimedia tools evolve from analog laserdiscs and interactive software to self-contained CD-ROM programs to Web-based access of educational courseware not even imagined a few years ago.

The laserdisc, as a rich image resource for problem-based learning (see ABOUT US and PROJECT HISTORY), was initially what brought together a group of health science educators and software developers. Today, the Slice of Life and many co-sponsors host an annual workshop that provides a forum for exchanging new ideas in health sciences education and reviewing the state-of-the-art in computing technology. We have evolved into an international network of novices and experts mixing practical technology with educational applications. Whether you are participating in pre-workshop tutorials, presenting on the program or simply attending, we invite you to share your knowledge and experiences with everyone.

The workshops are WORKshops ... and informal ones. One of the greatest advantages of such a format is the speed with which everyone becomes acquainted, whether expert or novice, with one another's interests. We limit the workshop to about 200 registrants in order to avoid concurrent sessions and to encourage interactivity and dialogue. Everyone brings laptops, floppies, Zip and Jaz cartridges, and external drives (we do a lot of sharing).

On this page is a chronology of our workshops. Several include links to conference programs so everyone can remind themselves about what happened, who they met, and what they saw.

Beginning in 2008, the activities and spirit of the Slice of Life Workshops has been incorporated into the annual meetings of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE): Standalone Slice of Life Workshops have come to a close. To get your fix, "Slicers" should contact and participate in IAMSE.


Bullet 2007  University of Utah; June 26-27 (pre-workshops) and June 28-30(main meeting); Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Bullet 2006  University of Lausanne; July 4-5 (pre-workshops) and July 5-8 (main meeting); Lausanne, Switzerland

Bullet 2005  Oregon Health and Sciences University; June 14-15 (pre-workshops) and June 16-18 (main meeting); Portland, Oregon, USA

Bullet 2004  Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam; June 28-30 and Leiden University Medical Center; July 1-3, Netherlands

Bullet 2003  Drexel University & University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; June 24-28

Bullet 2002  University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; June 18-22

Bullet 2001  Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany, August 1-4

Bullet 2000  College of Pharmacy, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, June 28-July 1

Bullet 1999  Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, June 22-26

Bullet 1998  University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, June 22-27

Bullet 1997  University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, June 25-28

Bullet 1996  University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 19-22

Bullet 1995  British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, B.C., Canada, June 22-24

Bullet 1994  Eccles Institute of Human Genetics, University of Utah

Bullet 1993  University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Bullet 1992  Eccles Institute of Human Genetics, University of Utah

Bullet 1991  Eccles Institute of Human Genetics, University of Utah

Bullet 1990  College of Pharmacy, University of Utah

Bullet 1989  College of Nursing Gathering, University of Utah

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